How I Help Students Learn
I only use a lecture format when absolutely necessary! Instead, I place HEAVY emphasis on student discussion! This means I expect you to arrive in class prepared each class day - HAVING READ WHAT IS ASSIGNED PRIOR TO CLASS SESSION! This includes additional materials, articles, films etc., I assign to help clarify and extend text reading. I will refer to your textbook(s) throughout the course for diagrams, and such. I advise you to bring your text along. Many times I or your fellow classmates will make reference to a page in your text. To provide the most educational experience for everyone, I expect all students to be courteous to EVERYONE in class. If others are talking while you are making a point, you would be quite upset. Extend the same courtesy to others. Additionally, I will NOT tolerate rude and obnoxious behavior. There may be times where I do not perceive a student's behavior to be disruptive to an individual student. If this is the case, please leave a note in my mailbox (it may be anonymous!) or talk to me after class or by phone. Additionally, any other constructive comments pertaining to the class may also be noted in the same way.

I will expect you to critically think (handouts) and apply the knowledge from the course to your life. Asgns, quizzes and exams will assess you on your ability to do so. If you are use to memorizing a definition from your text & recognizing or regurgitating it on an exam this will be a very different experience for you, but one I feel you will find is much more beneficial to you. I'm sure many times one has asked you what a lovely definition means & you have said, "I don't know" or how would you use that definition in your life..."I don't know". This is not education & not worth your time & money! An education means something you can use from the moment you learn it! I believe in this class you will find this the case!

In addition, I integrate technology, of various types, within my course. One type of technology I use is the computer. You WILL BE EXPECTED to use either your own computer or KCC's computers to demonstrate various Course Learning Outcomes. This requirement is similar to english courses requiring computer use for papers, sociology and math courses for mathematical programs and science courses for simulation labs. Integrating the use the computers in this course provides MULTIPLE advantages to both students & your professor!! You will be able to retrieve documents at anytime & from any computer. You will be able to email your classmates or your professor with any questions you have - this should eleviate playing phone tag! Another advantage to students is the internet's ability to provide knowledge to students which may not be in your text or in KCC's LRC! Additionally, using this technology is of great benefit to your future. Whether you go on to a University to further your education OR go into a career, you will find computers are used for almost everything! For example, many professors at Olivet & the major universities post their syllabus & all other documents for their students on their webpage. Some universities are now making it a requirement that all students take a distance learning course. In both higher education & the business setting, email is used to communicate. Using technology in my course is NOT JUST FOR FUN, but rather to PROVIDE you with the BEST educational opportunities to learn & to PREPARE you for your future careers - whatever they may be!

If any of this professor's learning environment is not to your liking, PLEASE do CHOOSE another professor which better fits your learning style! If you CHOOSE to stay registered for this course there will be no complaining later! Your educational experience is under YOUR CONTROL!