For every course, some students may find it a quite easy course requiring very little studying. For others, the same course may be the very hard, and still others somewhere in between. One's memory of how much studying is done may be inaccurate or biased even. One may not think of it as "studying." When I took psychology I did not think of it as "studying" but rather enjoyment! I was reading chapters ahead of my professor. Now this was not the case for some of my other courses! :-)

The first important consideration you should make is "Do You Have Time for this Course?" Many students do not realize the required study time for average difficulty courses is 2-3 hours per credit hour. That is 6-9 hours of studying outside of class, per week, for one course alone. And this is just for a grade of "C!" Please keep this in mind. Ask college students who get A's in the majority of their courses, just how much outside class time they put into their studying. I'm sure you will find it is quite a bit more!

Then there are many other elements which play into being successful in any college course. I am including a variety of weblinks for you to look at to see what is important & what you can do to improve in those areas. A more thorough web search can provide even more help. Please read the HIGHLY Recommended Section and use the Additional Section as needed! I also have a psychology section which I will keep adding to. Many of these links are have been provided by students and colleagues around the world! If you find any great links send them along to me & I may add them also! Hope they help!

HIGHLY Recommended Resources!!      Additional General Resources      Psychology Resources      Wellness Resources

HIGHLY Recommended Resources!!

Dr. Appleby's HS v College How To Fail A Class Dr. Randy Pausch's Last Lecture
Dr. Appleby's Powerpoint on Success The 6 Hour Dr. Appleby's Skills & Attitudes of A Critical Thinker
Why Intro Psych is Hard College Survival Guide What Not To Say To Your Instructor
Study Formula Study Log Lifelong Learning Skills
Poem: Pretty Good Time Mgt Randy Pausch's Time Mgt
Dr. Chew's How To Get The Most Out of Studying Still Procrastinating Podcast: Dr. Ferrari - Decisional Procrastionation
Podcast: Dr. Ferrari - Still Procrastinating? 1 Podcast: Dr. Ferrari - Still Procrastinating? 2 Podcast: Dr. Ferrari & Dr. Pychyl - Procrastination
Dr. Pychyl's I Procrastinate Podcasts Student Control In Digital Age Dr. Joanne Cantor Challenges of Studying in College
Dr. Joanne Cantor Research on MultiTasking Dr. Joanne Cantor Multitasking Exercise Dr. Joanne Cantor Practical Steps For Success
Dr. Appleby's Getting Strong Letters of Recommendation Dr. Appleby's Cookbook Dr. Appleby "Kisses of Death" for Grad School

Additional General Resources

Study Tips Standford Helpful Podcasts
Test Strategies Procrastination Avoiding Mediocrity
Taking Tests Good Study Habits Comments on Perseverance
Test Taking Suggestions UC Berkeley Education vs Entertainment
Studying for Exams Penn State Comments on Learning
Dartmouth Cal Poly Avoiding Goofing Up on Tests
Mz Marcotte Test Anxiety Guide Time Management
Taking Exams UIC Review Returned Tests
Study Skills Wide Variety of Resources Virginia Tech Resources
APA Tips Doing Well In Psych UofI: Self Help Brochures

Psychology Resources

APA: This is Psychology University Syllabi Psych Major
Careers in Psychology Dr. Appleby's Careers of Interest for Psychology Majors Psychology of Attractivenes Podcast
Dr. Green's Podcasts PsychFiles ePsych
Classics in History of Psych Discovering Psych Series World of Abnormal
SA: 60 Minute Mind RN: All in the Mind BBC: All in the Mind
The Brain Science Podcasts The Brain Series The Mind Series
Neuroscience Classical Conditioning Operant Conditioning

Wellness Resources

Ten Percent Happier Holden Qi Gong Food Revolution Network
Turn Your Blue Mind On Mindfulness Meditation Whole Body Wellness Challenge (Stretches)
Blue Mind Online Book Club (Jan 9th - Mar 20th) Get Well! Blog Ten Percent Happier Podcast